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World flavours: Spain

An overview of the most commonly used ingredients per category. These products can serve as inspiration for your components and compositions.


Potatoes (Baroness), artichoke (Tudela), asparagus, eggplant, avocado, celery, cauliflower, chanterelles, mushrooms, zucchini, cep, peas, green asparagus, capers, chickpeas, garlic, crested hyacinth flowers, spring onion, negra peppers, oyster mushrooms, olives, peppers, pumpkin, leek, lettuce, red onion, chili, green beans, spinach, tomatoes, truffles, broad beans, onions, fennel, chicory, white cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, sweet peppers, sweet onion.


Strawberry, apricot (bulida), apples, prickly pear, lemon (Verna, primo fiori), dates, dr. Jules guyot pear, raspberry, pomegranate, grapefruit, persimmons, cherries, kumquat, quince, lime, limonera, tangerine, melon, pear, peach, grapefruit, plums (Japonesas), orange (Navelina, salustiana, sanguinelli, nova), star fruit, susine, tendral honeydew melon, fig, mango.

Meat, game and poultry

Meat: goat, lamb, beef, bull meat, pork. Game: rabbit, wild boar. Poultry: pigeon, duck, pheasant, goose, turkey, chicken, quail, partridge. Other: frogs, snails.

Cuts of meat

Ibérico Jamón, Jamón Redondo, Jamón Serrano, Morcillas Arroz, Morcilla Jabugo,
Botifarra, Morcilla Asturiana, Morcilla the Requema, jabugo, pamplona, ​​lomo embuchado
additional de cerdo ibérico, Morcon the cerdo, espetec, palacios, fuet additional sin pimienta, chorizo the soria, the cantimpalo chorizo, chorizo ​​ibérico blank, mini chorizo, chorizo ​​ibérico de rojo jabugo, longaniza the aragon, chorizo ​​rojo albaceteno, sobrassada the Mallorca, the longaniza pascus.

Fish and shellfish

Fish: anchovies, trout, hake, mojama the atún, mullet, eels, skate, sardines, turbot, tuna, salmon, monkfish. Shellfish: prawns, shrimp, clams, lobster, langoustine, North Sea crab, sea red crab, limpet, clams, brown clams, cockles, mediterranean marine mussels, oysters, crassostrea anglulata, scallop. Other: barnacle, squid, fish eggs.

Dairy & Cheese

Milk: goat's milk, cow's milk, cottage cheese, sheep's milk yogurt. Cheese: aragon, airiños, cabrales, camerano, formatge de la Selva, goat cheese, cottage cheese, idiazabal, breña la, la serena, loose ibores manchego, los vazquez, mahon, roncal, tietar, valdeon.

Fats & Oils

Fats: butter, lard. Oils: arbequina, cornicabra, hojiblanca, manzanilla aloreña, ocal, picudo.

Nuts, seeds and grains

Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, walnuts. Grains: custard, corn, rice (bomba, bahia, Thai bonnet), rye, wheat.


Cava, rioja (wine), sherry, cider, sangria, parsha, brandy.

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