Thursday, 19 February 2015


Today's blog is all about crisps! Crisps have become a firm staple in many a kitchen cabinet but they also offer endless ways to add a delicious crunch to gastronomic dishes.

Potato crisps were originally created in an American restaurant when a customer complained about his French fries being too thick and not salty enough. Feeling highly insulted, the chef decided to slice the potatoes wafer thin before deep-frying them and sprinkle them with plenty of salt. The customer, however, thought the crispy potato slices were delicious, and this cynical joke turned out to become the origin of 'crisps'!

Ways to make crisps
Many different versions of crisps have appeared in recent years and potatoes are no longer the only ingredient from which crisps are made. Crisps can be made in a variety of ways, such as baked, dried, or deep-fried. They can easily be made in a drying cabinet although they can also be dried in an oven. The traditional method is to deep-fry them, which results in a very crunchy crisp. You can make aubergine crisps from the skin, for instance, which are delicious with lamb or a Greek yoghurt and honey dip.

Types & combinations
Crisps can be used to add a delicious crunch to a dish and also often provide a decorative touch. Not only that, but you can create endless variations in the types of crisps you make, as well as in their size and shape (e.g. onion crisp, crisp of green herbs, tomato crisps, chocolate crisps, banana crisps with curry). Surprise your guests by serving unusual crisps with a choice of suitable dips.

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