Thursday, 11 December 2014

Must-read: Eleven Madison Park

A recurring item on the Gastronomixs blog: the must-reads in culinary literature!

Books on culinary themes and cookery books are a source of inspiration, whether culinary literary classics or new books hot off the press. The recipes printed in cookery books can be used to master a technique, try out a flavour combination, or discover a new way to prepare a familiar ingredient. But above all, the most enjoyable aspect is coming up with new takes on existing recipes.

The Eleven Madison Park cookbook is packed full of elegant photography and creative dishes. Eleven Madison Park in New York is the well-known three-star restaurant of this month's guest chef: Daniel Humm. It is one of the world's 50 best restaurants, ranked at 24. All of Daniel's dishes are utterly stunning. As you can tell from his compositions, the style at Eleven Madison Park is very fresh and refined.

Together with Will Guidara, chef Daniel Humm has made the restaurant a great success. Rather than using an à la carte menu they instead use one menu printed with sixteen ingredients that refer to the dishes available. So although you roughly know what you can expect on your plate it will still always be a surprise! This philosophy, based on primary ingredients, is quite similar to that of Gastronomixs: forward with basics.

Be inspired by the book and his compositions. Take a good look at the way dishes are put together and at their colour combinations.

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