Thursday, 18 December 2014

Composition archive

Anyone can view this month's compositions, but to view compositions from previous months you will need to access the archive.

Paying members of Gastronomixs have access to its ever growing archive of compositions. To access the archive, click on the 'View archives' button at the bottom right of the composition page. You'll find a list of all the compositions that have been added to since the start. An inspiring overview filled with dishes you can start preparing straight away! When you click on a composition, you'll find several variations at the bottom so that you can give your own twist to the different dishes.

It's also possible to search for a specific composition using the search bar: not only by ingredient, but also, for example, by 'guest chef'. Just enter the name of a chef for a list of compositions shared by this guest chef. You can also search for an ingredient such as 'tomato' or for a particular course. 

Be inspired by our compositions and use the components chart to create variations more tailored to your personal style of cooking!

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